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The philosophy of the simple optimum

The patient is at the center of all our activities. We are committed to protecting the patient by the prevention and treatment of pressure sores and ulcers. We believe the treatment should be as easy and efficient as possible. Our 50 years of experience working and communicating with physicians, nurses and those affected have helped us achieve this goal. 


A leading concept

A pressure sore or ulcer develops when immobility, pressure points and the accumulation of heat come together. These are the issues which must be attacked to resolve the problem. A suffering entrepreneur discovered the solution 50 years ago.  


A market leader for people

The Kubivent principle has become the leading system on the market in the past five decades for the prevention and treatment of pressure sores and ulceration and the relief from the discomfort they can cause. However, we still have to work hard to clear up existing misconceptions about the optimum material.