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A sensible consequence

Those who remember the excellent results (51 % in pressure relieve and 52 % in micro climate) achieved by the Anti-Decubitus Mattress KUBIVENT SOFT in laboratory tests will also be able to understand the decisive step into reality, taken in the context of an even greater credibility of the product. The practitioners in the care industry were encouraged to pass candid judgement.
Nurses and carers in 27 facilities have provided a total of 48 patients with the supplied Anti-Decubitus Mattresses and were able to form an opinion regarding the effect and ease of handling. The results of this practical test speak for themselves.
84 % of the patients were already suffering from Decubitus; whereby 50% of the patients suffered from Decubitus in stage I and 50% in stages II and III.
95 % suffered from incontinence, 68% perspired severely. The patients spent an average of approx. 19 hours in bed and were repositioned every 2.5 hours. At the commencement of the test the Decubitus had existed on average for approx. 2 months.

Convincing numbers

  • 89 % of the existing Decubitus had changed, whereby over 60% was no longer present.
  • It is to be considered that 50% of the patients experienced aggravating factors during the period of the test
  • Pain typical of the diagnostic findings could be reduced in 42 % of the patients
  • Perspiration could be reduced in 56% of the patients

The specific opinion of the practitioners on site

37% of the interviewed gave us a VERY GOOD on a scholastically oriented assessment scale and 58% assessed the SOFT mattress with a GOOD. 94% stated that the mattress was easy to handle.
82% perceived the adaptation of the mattress as easily applicable. This adaptation refers to the removal of cubes, which occurred in the area of the heels to 43% and in the area of the posterior to 57%.
The average expenditure of time for the care could not be reduced through the mattress; neither could the timeframe for the repositioning of the patients, which still occurred in intervals of 2.5 hours. Also the reclining time remained almost identical to the initial time of 19.6 hours per day.


Practice confirms the results shown in the laboratory test. The KUBIVENT SOFT is recognised as a great tool, which shows its strengths in the pressure relief and the micro climate. A further result of the test are findings, which will be implemented in the development of new products and which focus on the aim to provide optimum help and relief with good products.